1912 - 2012: 100 years and 4 generations at your service !

aux maisonsOur great grandfather, Déodat ENFERT built the Auberge des Maisons in 1912.

The building located near the church of the village of Maisons Lès Chaource used to welcome day laborers for lunch and dinner while our great grandmother, Clémence worked in the kitchen.

Our grandfather, Maurice ENFERT, took over his parents' business in the 1940's. Our grandmother, Hélène, was on her own in the kitchen and used to cook for passers-by and she brought added value when she welcomed customers for banquets and families on Sundays. She was well-known in a 30-mile radius!

They moved in the 1950's to settle in the farm that belonged to our grandmother, where the "Aux Maisons" hotel-restaurant is nowadays.

After pursuing a career in business and traveling all over the country, our father, Jacky ENFERT, decided to take over our grandparents' café-restaurant in 1981. His experience as a businessman added up with his experience as a customer. Indeed he had frequented restaurants for almost 15 years, from truck-stops to the best restaurants.

petit-dejeunerOur grandparents' business underwent a complete transformation in just 6 months and our mother, Monique, started running the kitchen on January 1, 1982. As for our father, he was running the restaurant with a waitress.

The building was extended in 1986. There were then 15 2-star rooms which received the "Logis de France" classification.

As the restaurant and their catering project which started in 1982 were going well, they had the opportunity to do more building work and to give the place a certain luxury atmosphere, great comfort and to add some leisure activities. Our hotel then received 3 stars and 3 "Logis de France" fireplaces.

After completing his training with renowned chefs, Cédric took over the Aux Maisons kitchen in 1995, following 3 generations of female cooks. His wife, Sophie, started running the restaurant in 1996 and his brother in-law, Stéphane (Christelle's husband) took over in 2002 and brought his knowledge as a sommelier with him.

venise-verteChristelle opened a new hotel, « la Venise Verte », in 1995. It has 12 rooms and received 3 stars and 2 Logis de France fireplaces and pots.

Aux Maisons was transformed and renovated by a designer in 1997.

We added an extension to Aux Maisons at the beginning of the year 2004 and created a catering lab and opened it to customers (for cooking lessons) as well as two seminar rooms with a capacity of 120 and 60 people respectively.

cadusiaAfter our parents bought 5000 square meters of land in 2011, Le Cadusia was built and represents the result of Christelle's and Cédric's project but also a family decision (Monique and Jacky are always around!) that combined their experience and the desire to start something new. Le Cadusia is a 19-room hotel with two seminar rooms with a capacity of 150 people. It received 3 fireplaces and 2 pots from the Logis de France classification.

We will be celebrating 100 years of family history in 2012 and will certainly be up for new great adventures !

Cédric & Christelle